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GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

. . THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST . This Seminar is past, but THERE ARE 11 MORE IN 2017 “DECORATING WITH BALLOONS & GRIDS made SIMPLE – EASY – STRONG – FAST” You learn 3 balloon grid systems hands-on: (1) Pioneer stiff GRIDZ, (2) Rouse flexible RMS (3) DIY grids you make. You go home more productive & profitable with all balloon …

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. .Balloon flags, like this  one, are always flying SOMEWHERE. “Just Rouse It” technologies , like “RMS” & “Speed Graphics”, help make them profitable EVERYWHERE. .. “FLAG  IT  FOR  PROFIT!” USA FLAGS MadeWithBalloons™ are especially profitable through June 30, 2015 while flag kits are on sale at Ballooniverse Mall. [Select the blue link to go …

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From New Year Anxiety To New Year Smiles

New Year 2000 backdrop made with 18" Microfoil balloons in RMS Super Builder balloon frames

  NEW YEAR 2000 (Resource links below) New Year 2000 had a lot of zeros. Those zeros led to extra anxiety then and to extra smiles today. . Many of you will remember that the new date with all the zeros stirred considerable fear and trepidation. A large percentage of major computers around the world …

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FOOTBALL FEVER – 12 Tips For A Great Marketing Lineup

footballs and football players MadeWithBalloons™ & Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™, balloon frames

.   This article is drawn from “Huddle Up” by Mary Queen Rouse in The RouseABOUT newsletter; Will you quarterback your team to a successful football season, or are you just a bench warmer who HOPES business will come your way? Be a “Tiger” and go after football sales with team signs like the “TIGERS!” …

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"TIGERS" banner made with Rouse Matrix Banners and double ended balloons by the four people in the picture plus others.

“TIGERS!” These four (Sandra Moreira, Nancy Fangles Brown, Silvia Santos and Eduardo Seiti) were part of the tiger team that built this “TIGERS!” banner at a RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar in Clemson, SC USA. Clemson is home to Clemson University.  Clemson (USA) football dominated the theme for our workshop —   Text banners like this one could …

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“Amateurs and low price competitors can help to build your balloon business. The Pizza Parable illustrates how.” . ————————————————————————————————————————– “The Pizza Parable” is republished here with permission from the original in “Balloons On A Roll” blog at . ————————————————————————————————————————–   THE PIZZA PARABLE Quite some years ago, I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina in …

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Ballooniverse Mall logo

Here are the top 21 words to help you sell your balloons and services. AND, here is a master writing coach to direct your success. ________________________________________________________________________   This article is drawn from “Words That Sell” by Dawn Josephson for BALLOONS  & Parties Magazine; Dawn Josephson, the Master Writing Coach, is founder of Cameo Publications, …

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