"TIGERS!' banner made with RMS Banners and double ended balloons by the four people in the picture plus others


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These four (Sandra Moreira, Nancy Fangles Brown, Silvia Santos and Eduardo Seiti) were part of the tiger team that built this “TIGERS!” banner at a RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar in Clemson, SC USA. Clemson is home to Clemson University.  Clemson (USA) football dominated the theme for our workshop

—   Text banners like this one could be great business for you in your town.  Your banner could be a simple “GO TEAM!”, “Happy Birthday Joe”, “Congratulations”, “Happy New Year” or some other message. If it promotes good feelings and/or good business for your customer, it is likely to also promote good feelings and business for you.

—   Our students used Link-O-Loon balloons tied in strings to load the “TIGERS!” balloon frame. This Rouse patented “Speed Graphic” technique is usually 2 to 4 times as fast as more traditional loading techniques, but Eduardo set a new world record at this event.

— Eduardo loaded 52 balloons in 45 second for a rate of 4,160 balloons per hour! See the short video athttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1902654687197&set=vb.141718105865486&type=2&theater

Download RMS honecomb graph paper to plan your own design:
— RMS Builder graph paper from:http://www.rouseinternational.com/downloads/pdf/MP-BLDR-G4-H-50A-11L-GRAPH.pdf
— RMS Banner graph paper from:http://www.rouseinternational.com/downloads/pdf/MP-BNR-G4-H-110A-5L-GRAPH.pdf


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