FOOTBALL FEVER – 12 Tips For A Great Marketing Lineup

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This article is drawn from “Huddle Up” by Mary Queen Rouse in The RouseABOUT newsletter;

Will you quarterback your team to a successful football season, or are you just a bench warmer who HOPES business will come your way? Be a “Tiger” and go after football sales with team signs like the “TIGERS!” sign below. But, don’t stop there. Use the 12 tips below to line up your marketing program . You will find these tips useful for marketing soccer as well as American football, basketball, baseball etc.

"Tigers" Banner made with Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load framework & balloons

Ballooniverse Mall logo


Make your own team signs with RMS Banner Panels like the ones used to make this “Tigers!” balloon graphic.



Rouse Matrix Expand-And-Load football design

12 Tips For A Great Marketing Lineup!.


(1) Team Stats

Think about your city, county, and state. How much area do you want to cover? Who are the teams? High school only? How many? Where? University or college? NCAA? How about an NFL team? And, don’t forget the private schools and their football seasons.

Look up phone numbers and addresses for each. Get accurate contact info about the booster clubs, fan clubs, marketing departments, etc. Be SURE your contact info gets you to the decision maker. Soooo important!



(2) Market To Host Hotels

Find out which hotels host the opposing teams. Usually one hotel will get the contract for the whole season from the host schools. Get opposing team colors, etc., so you can make an accurate presentation to the sales staff at the hotel.


(3) Market To Bars

What about the local sports bars? Will there be any black out games this season? Fans flock to sports bars for these games. Sell balloon decor to help them celebrate! How about some decor left and right of the big screen? Just don’t block it! Geez!! Where do fans go after the game… especially a winning game? Bingo. The local pub. Try some decor outside at the entrance to attract them to “YOUR” bar. Try some small decor up on the bar. What about the tables? Bars are a great opportunity for sales. Don’t fumble it!


Football player made by Steve Paynter with RMS Football Player shape and balloons
RMS Football Player
by Steve Paynter, CRA
Balloons By Design
Take a full sized football figure with you as you make your sales calls. That should peak some interest. It’s easy for the customer to visualize the real thing in their setting when they see it there on the spot.Browse and Buy a football player figure already cut into shape for you.

(4) Market To The Tailgate Fans

The fans themselves are terrific sales prospects! Some fans I know are positively RABID about their teams. That’s good for business. What can you add to a tailgate party? Clusters of air balloons with ribbon streamers in team colors on those 10′ x 10′ tents would be such and easy sell! 5 sets at $100 each. That’s a quick $500.00, and we all KNOW how h-a-r-d they were to make!


(5) Market to Stay At Home Fans

There are zilliions of fans who root from home. Don’t leave money on the table. Go after private parties on game weekends. Don’t you know a lot of people who get together to watch the game? Go sell them. The sale doesn’t have to be elaborate. If your balloon decoration is good and on time, chances are you will be remembered for a bar mitzvah or a wedding down the road.

(6) Make A Calendar

Collect all of the appropriate game schedules. How many do you want to cover? Make an expanded calendar so that you can keep a perspective on decor commitments on specific days. The calendar also helps you determine staffing and vehicles needs.


(7) “The Blind Side”

Don’t allow yourself to be blind-sided by scheduling to many events. Will you be able to cover all of the decor you’ve sold? Games days remind me of NYE. All the bars, hotels, schools, fans, etc., want their decor at the same time! P.S. DON’T FORGET THE GAME TRAFFIC!

"Cockey" logo banner made with Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load framework and balloons
“Cocky” University of SC Mascot
You can make similar balloon graphics for your team mascot with Rouse Matrix Systems Expand-And-Load™ panels.
Browse and Buy RMS Banner panels now to practice and to make your balloon graphics and signs.


(8) Know Your Teams

Decide what decor you want to sell. Know the colors, nicknames, mascots… EVERYthing about the teams. Match up your balloon decor options with the teams. Make sure you have the team colors/ribbons in stock. What about imprinted balloons? What is the minimum order? How many imprints would you have to sell to cover costs AND still make some green? Another option for team personalization is to get team buttons. That’s an easy fix on a big bow in the right colors.


(9) Beef Up Your Air Work

What air work do you have to offer that’s different from that of your competition? Why would a football fan choose your company? Research balloon publications to see if you can come up with some fun variations on the basics. Try out European, Brazilian or another international style for some distinction to the American everyday.Try RMS for some of your air work. The balloons will react in the same way that they always do (inside or out), but RMS does offer you some different and sophisticated options for graphics, sculpture and decor. There are some RMS ideas here in this issue of The RouseABOUT that could potentially work for you.Make sure your portfolio is FULL of football options.


(10) Team Mascots

Can you make a team mascot? Take your business to a new level. Learn how to do these things. When you are able to customize your balloons beyond colors and imprinted balloons, business opportunities will come your way. Here again, RMS offers you options for easy, easy team mascot sculptures. Use it once, and you’ll love the results… and so will your customers!


Tiger paw banner made with Rouse Matrix, Expand-And-Load panels and balloons

Tiger Paw Logo – Clemson University



The 6′ x 6′ logo is a good example of
RMS Banner Graphics.
Use this idea to build school spirit and
build your “football” business.
Browse & Buy RMS Banners now.


(11) Offer 3 Package Deals

Offer a Ford, a Cadillac, and something in between. Why? First because it’s easy for customers to become confused when they see a lot of options. Second, three options mean three price points. Customers almost always choose the middle price point. Knowing this can greatly help in planning. How many middle options would I have to sell to make my financial goals for my football promotion? I should order this many supplies in order to sell 10 middle options.Use football terminology and make your packages fun. How about “First Down Decor”, “Gridiron Lockdown” or “Multiple Offense Total Package”? If you want to learn some football terminology, here is a good resource for you: .


(12) Subliminal Marketing

Fancy words, but easy to do. For me, subliminal marketing can be as simple as the small things that promote your brand. For instance, Graham and I always wear our company colors at a convention.In terms of selling football, one idea would be to wear the colors of the team to whom you are marketing. What about a team button?And, for heaven’s sake, know if the team you are “recruiting” won its last game and who they beat! Knowing your customer is another form of subliminal marketing. Believe me! Your effort leaves an impression with the client. They will be impressed that you know the scoop.



Be sure to join me right here next time for the “Post Game Show”. I will share 8 tips for follow up marketing designed to reap the greatest benefits from all that work you did the first time around.


Rouse Matrix for Football Season — Rouse Matrix – Frameworks For Balloons / Canvas For Imaginations™ Mary Queen Rouse is one of the administrators for this facebook page. The RouseABOUT newsletter issue source of this article.

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