Photo of Graham RouseWe have all felt winter’s chill. December holidays will soon pass. The New Year is stretched out in front of us. Snowflakes flutter through our thoughts, even if not through the air. Many warm feelings are inside us, but they battle with too many anxious tasks. Our days are overflowing with activity and our night’s sleep seems too short to

  • accommodate our wonderful dreams,
  • resolve dilemmas from the day and
  • still provide the rest we need.

Yet, as this season tests our strength and resolve, it also nourishes our hope and faith in new beginnings. The work you do helps make that positive transformation happen.

As balloon artists we are blessed to participate in

  • an art
  • a craft
  • an industry
  • a movement

that works everyday to stimulate and fulfill wonderful visions.

We make balloon decorations, balloon sculptures, balloon graphics, balloon crafts, balloon entertainment and other balloon arts.

We take a little latex, air and imagination and transform them

  • into colors that rival the rainbow,
  • into air borne whimsy equaled only by butterflies and fairies,
  • into visual clusters of positive emotions that once were the exclusive domain of flowers and jewelry.

We often build and decorate spaces, but more than that, we are architects of feelings.

We can begin as simply as delivering the magic of a balloon bouquet to a mother, or striking awe in her child’s eyes as we breathe life into sap from a rubber tree and make a balloon poodle.

We extend the thrill as we engage the mother in choosing balloons for decorations or by teaching the child to make a poodle of his own.

We too are thrilled, as a revelation touches us……. As with the mother and the child, we are renewed ourselves as we move from creature to become a creator.
The mother will CREATE positive emotions in those who enjoy her balloon decorations. The child CREATES a balloon creature HIMSELF. Both stimulate a new level of pride in themselves through the potency of the balloon magic they share.

And NOW….. , the revelation and the thrill can come home to YOU

  • YOU made it all happen,
  • YOU started this chain reaction of positive difference in the lives of untold numbers of people, and
  • YOU can make it happen nearly every day.

As a balloon artist, you touch, enrich and stimulate the lives of many others.
You may never know the impact you have on the lives of those far distant from where you live and work. But, have no doubt. There are those whom you will never meet, that will see and feel ripples from the splash you make with balloons here at home.

So we say, “Thanks!”

  • Thanks from Mary Queen and me.
  • Thanks again from the mother.
  • Thanks again from the child.
  • Thanks again from those others who will now be similarly lifted
    • by the balloons they receive
    • by the balloons they send,
    • by the balloons that decorate their spaces, and
    • by the balloons they, themselves, use
      to make things and
      to make the magic of balloons reach still others around them.
  • Thanks again from the many
    who will never know your name,
    but will, in subtle ways, have their lives made better by what you do.


Thanks for reading/listening.  I am

Graham Rouse
Making It With Balloons Network
At Your Resource Center For
“Making Things, Making Success & Making A Difference With Balloons”™.


© Graham Rouse 2010
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