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USE THIS SIMPLE TECHNIQUE to make your RMS balloon heart decoration twice as large, 20 times as strong and many times more valuable.

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Make Your RMS Balloon Heart 20 Times As Strong

NOTE: There is NO sound (audio) with this video.

RMS Heart

Rouse Matrix Hearts like the one shown in this video are among our most popular Rouse Expand-And-Load balloon frames. They are easy to make and can be dressed up in many different ways to simply express your love or to create a multitude of different balloon characters and decorative designs to impress your friends and customers..

Multiply Balloon Decoration Strength, Volume & Value

The patented double layer technique shown in this video is quite simple to use with an RMS heart shaped balloon frame.  It doubles the volume of your balloon project and gives it a greater “presence”.  At the same time, this approach increases the strength and durability of the  balloon display by about 20 times.   In other words, this system effectively multiplies the value of your work many times over while requiring only twice as any balloons.

Decorate With Balloon Duplets

For the RMS 2′ heart, inflate two latex round balloons to 4″ in diameter and tie them together. (Pairs of balloons tied together like this are often referred to as “duplets” or “doublets”.) Stretch open one of the heart shaped frames on a table top.  Insert one of the pair of balloons into an opening in the stretched heart frame and leave the second balloon of the pair flopping loosely in the air above. Repeat this process to fill all the apertures (openings) in the first RMS Heart frame.

Decorating Tips

(1) The first balloon of each pair should be inserted into the opening with the knot pointing straight up and centered above the balloon. (2) Two of the openings in an RMS Heart 38 and four of the openings in an RMS Heart 40 are smaller than the other openings and duplets going into those smaller openings should have balloons inflated only 2.5″ each.

Align The Second Balloon Frame

Once all the balloons are loaded in the first heart frame, then take a second heart frame of the same size and shape, stretch it open and lay it on top of the first balloon frame. Make sure the second frame is turned to align with the first.

Fill The Second Layer

Pull the loose balloons up and into the second frame. I like to start with the center balloon of the heart and then pull up the six surrounding balloons next. You may start wherever you like, but it is important that the first group of balloons stand up straight, that is with the second balloon of each pair being centered vertically above it’s mate. That way all the later balloons tend to stand up straight as well.

It Is Easy To Look Good

This Rouse double layer technique is easier than many others simply because it is more “forgiving” if you make a mistake along the way.  You can get away with over inflating or under inflating balloons or not centering balloons exactly right in the frame.  The results are likely to still look good.

Practice For Professional Results

We do, however, recommend that you practice this technique to get your sizing and placement of balloons correct. Your results will improve from “good” to “professional”. Your improved skill with the Rouse Double Layer Technique will make it easier for you to learn additional techniques later.  And, you will be on your way to the success you want with balloons.


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