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GET YOUR ROUSE ON! BalloonGrids / RouseAPPS Launch, Valentine Seminar

. . THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST . This Seminar is past, but THERE ARE 11 MORE IN 2017 “DECORATING WITH BALLOONS & GRIDS made SIMPLE – EASY – STRONG – FAST” You learn 3 balloon grid systems hands-on: (1) Pioneer stiff GRIDZ, (2) Rouse flexible RMS (3) DIY grids you make. You go home more productive & profitable with all balloon …

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“LOVE AROUND THE WORLD” (Balloon Arts Review By Graham Rouse) . That is my title for this wonderful balloon sculpture by Yuka Yamakita. We would all do well to see more love around the world. And the world would do well to see more of Yuka’s balloon art. This sculpture made with balloons serves both purposes well. …

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